Rental conditions

General Rental Terms and Conditions

Giorgio Linea S.r.l. (VAT no. IT 04690810488), through its legal representative Barbara Ricchi,  with registered office at Via Guido Rossa 16 /18, Impruneta (Florence), owner of the service My Vintage Academy, offers a rental service of products through the internet site

To qualify for the rental service, the customer needs to have a credit card, proof of identity, a confirmed address and an email address or a fax number.

Formation of the contract

After reading the rental conditions, the customer should select the “accept” option. After checking that all requirements are met, My Vintage Academy will send a confirmation e-mail to the customer who in turn must send an e-mail confirming receipt of the message. The contract will be valid from this moment.


All the rentable products are the exclusive property of My Vintage Academy. The customer may rent the chosen product for the number of weeks required. The goods will be shipped and collected by My Vintage Academy via DHL courier and the relative costs will be met by the customer. The customer will be responsible for the rented items only after delivery and until they are collected by the courier. Rental charges are calculated on a weekly basis, and are listed on the website


Payment for the rental service may be made by credit card only and in two separate stages. The first stage coincides with the start of the contract. My Vintage Academy will place an authorization hold on the customer’s credit card for an amount equal to the sum of: 1) the rental rate for the selected period; 2) the security deposit; 3) shipping costs. The second stage is when the customer returns the rented items. My Vintage Academy will arrange for the following; 1) the release of the security deposit, which will only be refunded if the goods are returned in the same condition as when they were dispatched; 2) the rental rate will be charged to the customer’s card 3) shipping costs will be charged to the customer’s card. Once these stages are complete, an invoice will be issued by My Vintage Academy and sent to the address indicated by the customer at the time of registration.


The customer may not submit more than one order at a time and My Vintage Academy will accept no further orders from the same customer until rented items are returned.


The goods will be carried by DHL courier service with delivery made to the address indicated by the customer at the time of order and on the day arranged between the customer and My Vintage Academy. Once the customer has checked the parcel and signed the delivery note, the responsibility for the ordered items is transferred entirely to the customer. Each parcel includes: 1) the ordered item within its packaging; 2) a numbered anti-tamper bag which must be returned to My Vintage Academy intact. If the customer discovers that the parcel is damaged or has been tampered with or that the order does not comply with the description initially provided by My Vintage Academy, he/she must notify My Vintage Academy via email within one day and return the product.



Return of the goods

The product must be returned at the end of the rental period, which starts from the day following the day of receipt. If the rental period starts on a Friday or Saturday, it will end on the following Monday. The customer will receive an e-mail from My Vintage Academy providing information about courier collection times for returned goods. Further information will e-mailed by the courier service, which the customer should print out and give to the courier when the items are collected. When returning the goods, the customer must use exactly the same package in which it was delivered, carefully resealed and placed in the self-seal bag provided by My Vintage Academy. In the event of difficulty, the customer must immediately inform My Vintage Academy and arrange a new delivery plan.

Failure to return goods

If the goods are not returned by the expiry date of the rental period, the customer will be charged for each day the items are not returned at the daily rate of the chosen product, until the goods are returned. Failure to return the goods will automatically extend the authorization hold period on the customer’s credit card until the rented goods are returned. In the event of loss or theft of the goods during the rental period, the customer must immediately report the fact to the appropriate legal authorities and notify My Vintage Academy by e-mail, giving details of the incident. In the event of damage, the customer will immediately return the goods to My Vintage Academy, who will repair them and charge the cost to the customer, after informing him/her of the amount to be deducted from the deposit. If the item is irreparably damaged, is too expensive to repair or if the customer does not return the goods for any reason, My Vintage Academy will charge the customer the full commercial value of the item and will not release the authorization hold on the security deposit. If necessary, the difference between the market value of the item and the security deposit will be added. In the event of alteration or counterfeiting of the item, My Vintage Academy will consider the item as misappropriated and the customer will be charged the full commercial value of the item. For all the conditions listed above, the customer hereby accepts unconditionally that My Vintage Academy may take all necessary action and undertakes not to hinder these procedures.

Payment method

The prices of products rented by My Vintage Academy are expressed in Euro and are inclusive of VAT. Payment will be made by credit card via secure servers. The customer’s bank details will not be communicated to My Vintage Academy and will not be displayed on the website  Once the order has been confirmed, the customer will be automatically directed to the secure payment site of the bank, which adheres to SSl security rules. Confidential information will be encrypted during transmission to RBS. If the total rental amount is not granted, My Vintage Academy will inform the customer immediately via email.

Shipping and collection

Deliveries are carried out according to the arrangements agreed with the customer. On receiving the parcel, the customer must check the packaging. If the parcel has been tampered with, the customer must refuse it, stating the reason on the delivery note in the presence of the courier and immediately notifying My Vintage Academy by email. Upon signing for delivery, the customer acknowledges that the courier and My Vintage Academy are released from all responsibility. The courier will only collect goods that are placed in the anti-tamper bag provided by My Vintage Academy.

Ownership and responsibility

My Vintage Academy’s website is subject to Italian and international laws on copyright and intellectual property. All production rights are reserved, including photographic representation of the items available on the website. The trademarks reproduced on the website have been registered and filed. The photographs of the items available to rent are for illustrative purposes only and any differences should not be regarded as defects. The customer is not authorised to reproduce in whole or in part the elements present on the website. The customer must accurately state their own details and inform My Vintage Academy of any changes. The customer undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the username and password, which are strictly personal.


Any disputes concerning the execution of these terms and conditions are subject to the jurisdiction of the law courts of  Florence, Italy.