Mva Live

My Vintage Academy Live is an innovative exhibition using the experience of the art of making, an alternative way to promote products within the trade fair system.
The main aim of the initiative is the direct promotion of the products being worked on in the exhibition. The craftsman reveals the ingredients and techniques of his craft!

The ingredients, unique and behind the undoubted success of this project, are simple: artisans, centre stage, as the only creative resource. The stand has a dozen workers who move between the public and the workings of workshops designed and organised to the very last detail.

There are specialized craftsmen at the workbenches, where they work entirely manually, and the production phase is simultaneously projected using multimedia videos within the stand.

The artisans are available to visitors all the time, responding to requests for development feasibility.
A unique feature of the stand is the Table of Ideas, at the centre of the space, in which designers, students from the most important florentine schools, produce their sketches, taking inspiration from the My Vintage Academy site choosing colours and materials from the videos, or from the LINEAPELLE presentation, thus giving rise to a true design office.

Another feature will be the “specials”, created specifically for the visiting public, who can observe the techniques used to create them in the stand.

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