Tears in rain

MVA will be presented in Florence in the Alcatraz Area of the Stazione Leopolda, during Vintage Selection, that is held concomitantly with Pitti Filati, from 23 to 27 January 2013.

We have commissioned Felice Limosani to interpret our values and visions. He will present a site-specific performance that will convey all this in metaphoric terms. “Tears in rain” is a spectacular and impressive project freely inspired by Blade Runner. It is an artistic transposition that embraces the atmosphere, visual and audio suggestions of one of the most famous science fiction movies of all times and its closing monologue that have entered the annals of film history as it identifies the boundaries between humans and replicants. It is a symbolic tale that reflects on what is real and what is not, on what is human and what is not, and on the importance of having memories in order to fuel the future.

It is a tribute to humanity’s creative and manuals skills and its passions that make it possible to create unique, genuine and vital items as opposed to replicas – cold, calculated artificial copies lacking feeling, and innovation..